Gerli & Company was established in 1992 and since then marked itself apart through honesty and integrity. Gerli & Co is proud to be a firm of choice among Panama International Law Firms. Our main scope of services include incorporation & management of offshore and onshore companies in BVI, Costa Rica, Antigua, USA (Delaware, New York, Nevada, Florida), Belize, Seychelles, Latvia, Estonia. We are also specializing in formation & management of Panama Private Interest Foundations (Panama Foundations).We also offer excellent legal services in Ship Registration, Vessel Registration & Yacht Registration (Marshall Islands, Panama, Antigua, Dominican Republic, Togo, Bahamas. Our other services and expertise include but not limited to:

  • Tax Optimization
  • Full Accounting Services, including the entire accounting cycle, book keeping, accounting records custodian services
  • Bank Accounts in USA, Central America, Panama, Caribbean, Latvia , Switzerland
  • Panama Real Estate Investments (Panama Condos, Panama Beach Front properties)
  • Retiree Programs – Retire in Panama, Retire in Dominica or Antigua with full nationality and passport
  • Regular Nominee Services,(Nominee Directors, Nominee Shareholders and VIP Nominees
  • Second Passport Programs and Citizenship Programs in countries with none visa requirements for North America, the Caribbean and Central and South America

Our staff

Our legal professionals and staff members not only are seasoned professionals in matters related to corporate structures, trust, and family planning , among other activities such as banking, fiduciary services, and trademarks, but also provide the registration and representation of vessels under the Panamanian, Marshall Island and BVI flags, as well as a wide range of advisory services for the formation and maintenance of legal corporate entities under a diversity of jurisdictions, including the Panama, Baltic Estates, Asia, the British Virgin Islands, Seychelles and Belize. Thanks to the high standards and commitment of our staff, our service, is positioned and recognized as one of Panama’s most respected and efficient ones, making Gerli & Company a law firm preferred by banks, shipping management companies, investors and entrepreneurs , which contact us through our offices in Panama, subsidiaries in the British Virgin Islands, Belize and Miami . Our staff has expensed to a well trained group of public accountants thus expanding to the accounting sector. The valuable and most praised resource is our staff which works diligently irrespective of the matter, in favor of our clients guarding the interests of our clients. We ensure that our staff is not only vested with knowledge, but with superb communication skills, thus guaranteeing the fullest understanding and comprehension of all matters and needs.