Although there are still some doubts about the handling of these currencies, the country is preparing for an increase in its use in the short term. The use of cryptocurrencies is a reality that has been gaining strength in Panama for being one of the novelties in the world of finance, however, Panamanian bankers have warned about the caution and advice to be had for the use of these instruments . Carlos Troetsch, president of the Panama Banking Association (ABP), confirmed that cryptocurrencies are a reality and, therefore, bankers are already preparing and educating themselves to avoid their inappropriate use. “Panama, in this sense, would go hand in hand with the main international centers and we are in talks with other actors at an international level to incorporate this new trend to the Panamanian financial sector,” he said. For his part, Carlos Berguido, executive vice president of the ABP, asked caution on this issue, as with all new technologies, because they can be risky. He added that this is precisely what they want to try to mitigate the bankers in the bill presented by the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), which seeks to modernize the banking system. Source: