Three LNG carriers have transited through the Panama Canal’s new Neopanamax locks in one single day, setting a new record for the Panamanian waterway , said Panama Lawyer Ismael Gerli The three vessels made the crossing on a sunny day, Tuesday, April 17, the Panama Canal pilots took over the vessels engaged on the crossing of and M/V Clean Ocean, M/V Gaslog Gibraltar and M/V Gaslog, Hong Kong vessels, which first arrived at anchorage at the Pacific Bound of the Panama Canal and transited north, departing on to the Atlantic side of the waterway, so was commented by Ismael Gerli , a well versed Panama Maritime attorney Such and occurrence, definitively paves the road all the way to a new and great milestone for the Panama Canal and its service to the LNG growing segment of vessels which is important to point out that started using the Panama Canal transiting the waterway for the first occasion after the inauguration of the Expanded Panama Canal. According to Ismael Gerli , Panama Maritime Lawyer , the segment has proven a steady growth in the past two years from the inauguration of the expansion.