In Gerli and Company, we help our clients to choose the right business structure individually. Whether it is an onshore or offshore company, foundation, trust or limited liability entity. There are many advantages of each particular business formation and our staff is ready to help with the best choice for you.

Onshore company formation can be conducted in a home country of a client or in one of our jurisdictions. In onshore companies, business operates within its borders and complies with legal and tax requirements of the country.

Offshore company formation usually seeks an opportunity within a country with legal and tax benefits in order to minimize tax expenses. We offer our clients numerous options to start a company according to their needs. Among the most popular jurisdictions are Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama, BVI, Marshall Islands, Cyprus, Switzerland, UAE, Latvia, Belize, Antigua and many more.

Advantages of Offshore Company Formation Include:

  • Simple and Fast Process
  • No Personal Presence is Required
  • Tax Benefits
  • No Deposit or Registered Capital is Required
  • Any Passport Holders Can Register a Company
  • Low Opening Costs
  • Accounting Benefits
  • No Additional Documents are Required for Offshore Company Registration
  • Privacy and Security
  • Low Maintenance Costs.