International Business Companies of Belize

The (IBC) International Business Companies Registry of Belize is the main governing body / authority in respect to all incorporation matters in Belize. The IBC registry is located at Marina Towers, Belize , Belize City, and is where all incorporation documents are executed , also where all corporate papers are issued. At the Registries headquarters in Marina Towers is where all official company documents and information are held and this is a most favorable aspect of the registry as all is kept and done in the same place under the same roof.

The registry is governed by the Belize Companies Corporate Affairs Registry, a department with in the International Financial Services Commission of Belize, located at Belmopan, the main city or capital within Belize.

The (IBC´s registry ) Belize Companies Registration Office main responsibilities are as follows:

  • Registration and Incorporation of companies
  • Recording and Registration of business names
  • Incorporation company incorporation documents
  • Registration of amendments for all companies registered under the Belize Jurisdiction.
  • Enforcement of registry rules, solving special petitions , exchange of information, or deleting companies off the register
  • Basic provision of information to third parties
  • The IBC Registry Office in Belize is the central office where all documents pertaining the Belize registry are kept under custodianship

At the Belize Registry all applications to incorporate a new company or of any other type pertaining companies issues with the Belize Companies and Corporate Affairs Registry and the company is fully registered and should be incorporated within 2/3 days period maximum.

Maintaining Corporate Records

The Belize company registry has a very positive qualification in comparison with registries of other countries, and is the limited requirement needs to file for the registry of a company. However it should be understood that full mandatory KYC is demanded, documents with the International Business Companies Registry. In respect to record keeping, all companies are required to maintain certain records and documents through its Registered Agent, these records must include; Memorandum and Articles of Association, Register of Directors and Members as well as all copies of notices and documents filed with the Registry in respect to the company .

Mandatory Obligations of the International Business Companies Registry

In accordance to the rules and requirements set out by the Belize International Business Companies Ac, it is required that the Registrar maintain the following information:

  • All corporate Documents which have been filed at the Registry
  • The Memorandum of Association and / or any changes that have been carried out during its existence
  • Articles of Association and changes
  • Certificate of Incorporation of the company
  • Certificates with amendments (if applicable)
  • Updated Register of Directors

We provide clients with a fast, easy, efficient and cost effective way of conducting comprehensive company searches and obtaining official documents on Belize companies from the International Business Companies Registry. If you wish, you may obtain a Certified Copy of the Articles of Incorporation for any existing Belize IBC at any time provided the company is active and has no outstanding annuity fees. Certified copies from the registry of filed Belize documents can be obtained from the International Business Companies Registry, as an example , we have:

  • Belize companies Certificate of Incorporation ( COI)
  • Belize Companies Certificate of Good Standing ( CGS)
  • Belize Articles of Incorporation (AOI)


Belize as a sovereign signatory of the convention of the Hague, therefore Apostille legalizations are valid in the intended country. In addition , Belize Company documents are sealed and legalized by apostille.

  • The apostille certification, includes the following basic information:
  • Country of origin of the document
  • Name and identity of the signature – Capacity in which a document has been signed
  • Official seal – Name of authority which has affixed a seal or stamp to the document
  • Place, date and document number

An Apostille certificate can be obtained for most Belize company documents.