Gerli & Company provides a full range of legal services in the field of maritime law. If you need legal assistance with any maritime matter, our qualified team is prepared to assist you immediately. We have extensive legal experience in the field of maritime law.

We can provide information and legal assistance with vessel registration, creating a business entity for vessel ownership, foreign maritime entities, vessel mortgage recordation, ship radio licensing, marine safety, and all other legal matters connected with vessel ownership, commerce, and activities. If you need legal representation in any maritime matter which requires litigation, please contact us.

Maritime law governs matters concerning all maritime activities and private international law which concerns the private business entities which operate ships and vessels. Maritime legal issues may concern commerce, navigation, shipping, ship personnel, and the ocean-going transportation of passengers and goods as well as land-based commercial matters which are maritime in nature. Maritime liens, mortgages, salvage, personal injuries to passengers, maintenance and cure of sailors, as well as the formation of vessel ownership business entities and ship registration are legal matters which may require our professional legal services.