We offer services to our clients worldwide, the clients can be in any country and we are not only offering ship registration in Panama, we also offer ship registration with the flags of different countries, like in Marshall Islands, BVI (only yachts), Belize, Togo and Bahamas, we do registration of a ship in any other country the customer wishes. Our clients have vessels in Odessa, St. Petersburg, Sweden, Norway, Greece, Vladivostok, Turkey and Cyprus where they are establishing their own shipping companies.

Gerli & Company has a vast experience dealing with worldwide clients who are looking for the different benefits of using the Panama flag and the flag of other countries with tax advantage. We can offer you professional help with the registration process to obtain the full scope of services in maritime law, ship and vessel registration, crew licenses, taxes and any other legal procedures related to your ship, vessel or yacht. Gerli & Co knows how to solve any legal issue.

Our maritime law services include:

  • Admiralty
  • Vessel registration in Panama, BVI, Marshall Islands, Togo, Bahamas
  • Yacht Registration – BVI, Panama, Marshall Islands
  • Vessel inspections – Annual Surveys
  • Single trip registration for Demolition or Delivery trips
  • Legal advisory and execution of change in Flag

If you need more information about Ship Registration please visit our site www.shipregistration.org or contact us.