Immigration is one of the most important and controversial legal issues worldwide, since it depends on the security of a particular country. Immigration includes many control factors of entry and exit of citizens, but the most relevant is to maintain the security of a nation.

Many people choose to leave their country of origin to start a new life in another region; Others do it for job offers, studies, exchange programs, religion, etc. But what should not be ruled out is the certain legal procedure that must be done to reside legally in the destination country.

Each country has its own residence visa programs and legal counseling services are almost always required by lawyers who authenticate and manage all this documentation. So, if you plan to travel and reside in another country, get your resident visa, you have arrived at the appropriate site.

Gerli & Co. Group Company is a multidisciplinary law firm with more than 20 years of experience with headquarters in Panama, Belize and British Virgin Island that offers legal consulting services for the creation of corporations, foundations, ship registration and immigration issues. Our services includes also the most reputable jurisdictions.

In this website you will find relevant information about the different residency programs in what we can help in the different countries where we have presence, if you do not find the information you require, we invite you to communicate with us to give you the advice you need.

Our immigration services include:

  • Second passport programs
  • Expat Real Estate, advisory on property investments
  • Retiree Visa programs, in various countries
  • Working permits
  • Due diligence and contractual KYC services
  • Reforestation Visa
  • Self-Sufficient Immigrant Residence Visa
  • Friendly Country Visa Program