Nowadays, having a second passport is very important because it allows you to obtain different benefits in countries that would otherwise be unavailable to you. For that reason, in Gerli & Co. Group Company, we help you to get this. The passport can be granted almost immediately and when it expires after 5 years, you can renew.

It is important to note that although our company’s head office is located in Panama, Belize and British Islands where we offersour services, you can ask for information about others jurisdictions where we offer this service.

To help reassure that your decision of getting a second passport is a good one, there are testimonials from many people living in different countries such as Russia, Ukraine, the Middle East, among others. These testimonials show you this program really works and allows them to share their experience with you.

Among all Immigration Services that Gerli & Co. Group Company offers, the second passport is one of them which provides the advantage of traveling with someone in order to enjoy the free trade agreements that many countries have, including the EU. According to the requirements, the client must open a deposit at the National Bank if he or she wishes to obtain the residence, but won’t grant citizenship. It is important to say that this kind of passport includes the entire family, along with children up to 18 years of age.

As indicated, the passport is renewed every 5 years and the term deposit must have the same time. For that, there are certain requirements that have to be met. To sum up, this program offers the advantage of opening a deposit and having the passport immediately. The security of your deposit is guaranteed by Legal Services. It takes up to 6 month to complete the procedure; from the moment your deposit account is opened until the fulfillment of all demands.