According of Panama Law-Decree No. 3 of 2008, this grants permanent residence to applicants who have sufficient income to cover the expenses for all their families’ needs while living in the Republic of Panama. To opt for this type of Visa, the applicant may choose one of the following alternatives:

Establish a time deposit in a bank located in Panama in the amount of US$300,000 (minimum) for a period of 36 month.

  1. Buy in his own name, a condo, house or property in Panama for the minimum sum of US$300,000 and provide proof of the source and sum of the revenues with which he will cover his living expenses in Panama
  2. Buy in his own name or a foundation, a condo, house or property in Panama, plus also have three years time deposit in his name, in a bank located in Panama, for a combination of US$300,000, between the value of the real estate and the deposit..
  3. This is perfect for applicants investing in real estate
  4. Applicants may opt for Panamanian citizenship in the future.

You can request information about which countries apply also for this type of residence. Our company not only works for Panama but other jurisdictions of high reputation.